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  • Plan to Succeed in Real Estate

Create a Plan to Succeed as a Real Estate Investor

To be succeed as a real estate investor you need to create a plan. As an example, my plan as an investor is to receive 1 million dollars in passive income from real estate. To accomplish [...]

  • Get Started in Real estate with no Money or credit

How To Get Started in Real Estate With No Money or Credit?

This is one of the questions I get asked all the time Many people will suggest, get a property inspector license, become a real estate agent, or find work at a title company, although it may [...]

  • five things to kick start real estate career

Five Things to Kick Start Your Real Estate Career

Five Things To Implement Daily And Create The Life You Want With Real Estate Many real estate investors start very exited  with lots of energy, but over time when they don't see the results they quit a [...]

Flipping Houses – How To Find, Qualify, And Work With Contractors

Summary In this video you will learn how to find and locate investor friendly contractors, how to qualify contractors and how to work with a contractor. Implement these 3 steps in your house flipping business, [...]

4 Steps Process Needed When Negotiating With Sellers

Summary When Negotiating with Sellers, your primary focus should be creating a win-win scenario for both parties Follow these simple steps when talking to sellers 1.Be upfront/honest with Sellers Don't be afraid to let them know you [...]

4 Foundational Blocks Of A Successful Wholesaler

If you are interested in taking your real estate wholesale business to the next level, it is important to master the following 4 foundational blocks of a successful wholesaler Block 1 - Marketing As a Wholesaler [...]

6 Ways To Find Contractors For Your Rehab Projects

How to find contractors for your rehab projects? When working on rehabs, finding a contractor can be an overwhelming tasks, but if done properly you won’t have as many headaches. The goal is to find [...]

Real Estate investing – Pick your Niche?

Choosing a Real estate investing niche when getting starting is a great way to increase your success I love Real Estate Investing as a great alternative to stocks and bonds. There are a number of [...]

What is Real Estate? – The Definition

We use the term Real Estate in our daily lives, we hear it all the time but not that many people know its true meaning, the right definition of Real Estate. If you want to [...]